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The LlamaNET cloud based visitor management system offers quick and secure access for your day-to-day visitors

Easy to use

After integrating LlamaNET into your existing access control hardware, registered users will gain access to our multi-platform cloud based booking system, and using it has never been easier

  • Book your visitors via the Website, SMS or Mobile App
  • You receive a unique pincode and share it with your visitor
  • Your visitor uses that pincode on a keypad at gate
  • You receive a message notifying you of your visitor's entry and exit
  • Your visitor uses the same code to exit the estate

Mobile Application

Our mobile application is available for iOs, Android and Windows mobile

Secure Registration

Only users who have completed the three step registration process will be allowed to use the app


Users who don't want to use the mobile application can still use the SMS and web based platforms

Value-Added Services

We offer a few value added services to all our clients

  • Access to a user web-portal; view reports and make online bookings
  • 100 free credits to all new clients
  • Try our system for free on your existing hardware
  • Free bulk messaging to all app users
  • Remote and local support


Our packages cater for every need

Basic Hardware


Estimate for compatible access hardware installed and integrated with LlamaNET.

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Booking Credits


Each booking will cost one booking credit, SMS fallback messages will cost 1.5 booking credits.

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Hardware prices above exclude VAT and are subject to change. Our driver's license scanning solution is available on request. Supported hardware is Impro 400 (SQL) or Paxton Net2. We also do app customisation and software integration. Please contact us to discuss your customised requirements.T's&C's apply.

System Requirements

Before we begin your site should to meet the following criteria

Automated Access Points

i.e. Booms and/or turnstiles, we need something to control.

Access Control

Your access points need to be linked to an access control system like Impro or Paxton.

SQL Database

The access control system should be SQL based for integration.

On Site Server

The access control system needs to reside on a server that is running 24/7.

Reliable internet

Our system requires a 24/7 reliable internet connection. The system will not work properly on unstable connections


We advise that all of the above is powered by an uninterruptable power supply for optimum reliability.

Common Questions

Everything you need to know before you get started

What is Pre-Clearance?

Pre-Clearance is the practice of granting your visitors access prior to their arrival

Do you scan licenses?

We do offer license scanning as an extra service, and link it to the provided codes for extra security

I have special data needs, can you assist?

Of course; we can offer customised software solutions to cater for special requirements

What additional costs can we expect?

Without customisations or special needs, none!

My database is not SQL Server

Our system currently integrates with SQL server; contact us directly to discuss migration options

My phone got stolen

Please contact your estate admin to disable your mobile app instantly. As an extra security measure, the mobile app requires a password everytime you use it